lansley all over wax warmer kit
Aloe hot wax for waxing coarse leg and bikini hair
Eyebrow wax: the ultimate blue hot wax for waxing short, stubborn facial hair
The one and only wax heater you’ll need for DIY home waxing

Lansley Wax Kit for Face, Eyebrows, Legs & Bikini Hair Removal

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“From unruly eyebrows to stubborn chin hairs to that unsightly bikini line this kit can do it all.” Application temp: 150°F-180°F Wax type: Strip free, Liposoluble hard wax Hair: All hair...

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“From unruly eyebrows to stubborn chin hairs to that unsightly bikini line this kit can do it all.”

  • Application temp: 150°F-180°F
  • Wax type: Strip free, Liposoluble hard wax
  • Hair: All hair types but fabulous on coarser hair
  • Skin: All skin types include extra-sensitive and mature skin

  • 1 bag of JASMINE WAX DISC – The ideal face wax as well as eyebrow wax as they work real magic in snatching even the tiniest baby hairs as short as 1mm!

    3 bags of ALOE WAX BEADS – Tackling the coarsest, most stubborn body hair, ALOE is a definite GO-TO if you are removing hair from legs, arms & armpits.

    The ultimate BIKINI WAX KIT – For bikini line? Both ALOE & JASMINE deliver the same excellent experience in Brazilian waxing!




    This was the least painful self-bikini wax I've ever experienced. Definitely less painful than strips I’ve bought like Sally Hansen.


    My skin is super sensitive and always bleeds and bruises when waxing. There was very little of either with this wax.


    I used it on my coarse bikini area and it worked wonders. Not much tweezing at all. Over 95% of my coarse hair same out with one rip. Super satisfied!


    The BLUE wax took off all the hair on my lip, (& my facial hairs are VERY fine). I didn’t even have to touch up anything.

    Customer Reviews

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    Fabulous product!

    I’m a licensed esthetician and use this kit in my home spa. I love it! I would think it’s great for untrained people to learn how to wax. They have included everything needed and explicit instructions on how to wax! I will never go back to soft wax and strips again. This was spot on and didn’t make me red! I love it!

    Connie Heissel

    Why would you put the liquid in those blue bottles where you cannot read the direction? Does not make any sense.

    Some tips for those that will be using this:

    Get the wax hot and then bring it DOWN to 170 degrees for a good med/hot temp wax, make sure there is a thick layer of wax on, I think a nickel size may be too thin personally, aim for a quarter size esp. for coarse hair.

    Practice on your arms or legs before going to your face or bikini because it can be tricky to make the wax thick enough to pull and control the spread of the melted wax. Plus doing a BRAZILIAN BY YOURSELF at first can be very tricky. Lots of bending in strange positions. A mirror is your friend while in those positions.

    Make sure the wax doesn’t get too hard, you want it still pliable to make a “pull tab” and it won’t grab all the hair if it cools too much and you’ll think it isn’t working and get frustrated. Finally, be patient with getting the technique down. You’ll get stringy wax and drips sometimes, and wax left on the skin from being too thin until you figure it out. The hair coming out still hurts on some areas, but it doesn’t stick to the skin so the pain is so much less than you would think. YouTube video placeholder
    Stopped working

    Used to love this product but stopped working after 2 years! Now it’s just more plastic garbage for the planet

    Knakyta joseph
    First timers recommend

    Melts very easily and you can control the temperature. I can use it every where I want hair gone. Last just as long as the wax center places. Wish the spray bottles it came with were bigger I use them every time and I just ran out of the pre wax spray