Go for an ultra sensitive wax that’s soothing and hypoallergenic for at home eyebrow waxing

Nothing frames a face so uniquely like a good pair of well-groomed brows.

If a little peach fuzz above your brows bothers you, if what you prefer are perfectly tamed and structured killer brows, or if the pain of threading is unbearable to you, then chances are eyebrow waxing is your best bet.     

Good to Know

Waxing vs. Threading: What's the Difference?

Brow waxing is now frequently considered to be more accurate than threading as ①it helps eliminate very fine vellus hair which can be too invisible to other at home DIY hair-removal methods, ②it pulls the hair out in one single direction while with threading it is rather tricky to get precision in the way thread moves, and as a result, hair is ripped away in numerous directions.


Before we dive in, there's one little disclaimer: always consult a doctor if you are using Accutane or retinol. Such medication can put you at more risk of burns and the top layer of skin being peeled off during the at-home body wax treatment.

Don’t start by brows if this is your first time waxing. Opt for arms/legs to test out the consistency/temperature as well as your own waxing technique. Only if you feel you are quite familiar with waxing in general, you can move on to eyebrow waxing.


How to Wax Your Brows: The Step by Step Guide



Now, you're probably thinking: Which wax is better for brow waxing? First of all, what we are talking about is your eye area. You know how delicate the skin is around it.

Well, nothing beats a cream hard wax when it comes to ultra-sensitive area waxing. It is extremely gentle to apply to, melts at lower-temperature allowing for a more comfortable application and additionally, provides ample time for you to spread a good even layer(meaning it won’t dry so fast before you finish putting it on completely).



Pre-Wax Treatment matters with a brow wax just as it does with any other waxing session. Tips for facilitating a good brow wax: ①Cleanse your entire face properly to remove all traces of make-up, esp. the eyeshadow, brow filler, and brow powder. ②For any oil or makeup residue, try to use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and sweep it all over the brows as well as the skin between and around the brows.

 Map brows out before eyebrow waxing can help you upgrade the game!


To get the most wow from your brow, here we are going to map your brows out. Brow Mapping, FYI, is a shaping technique aimed to create an aesthetically perfect brow that suits you and your face naturally.

In short, it is the definitive way to learn where your brows should start, arch and end.

①The beginning

Grab yourself a perfectly sharpened brow pencil or pencil eyeliner. Mark the beginning of the brows by aligning the guiding pencil with the outer edge of the nostril and extending up to the brows.

②The arch

To pinpoint your arch, lay your pencil next to the nostril at an approximate 45 degree angle until it crosses directly in front of your pupil. That’s where your natural arch is.

③The tail

To find where your brow should end, hold your pencil against the outside of your nostril and pivot it until it goes post your eye’s outer corner. Mark that location.

 Tiktoker Rikki ‘s showing how to map your brows easily

@rikkisandhuu Reply to @saraaaa_xx BROW MAPPING! This is such a fun technique, you have to try it! 💙🤩 #makeuptutorial #makeuphacks #beautytips #foryou ♬ See Nobody - Wes Nelson & Hardy Caprio



Heat your home wax beads and allow it to cool down to a HONEY/MOLASSES-thick texture. While the hard body wax is getting warm, you can use a spoolie(or a clean mascara wand) to brush the brow hairs down. This is to achieve a uniform length of the hairs above the brow because longer hairs can get in the way of a hot wax and end up being pulled out accidentally.

Now, get yourself an wax applicator. One that has a slanted tip will enable you to have more accuracy over the process. Pick up a tiny bit of lukewarm wax and apply it on to the skin above your eyebrows. To wax the hair below your eyebrow line, you’ll want to brush the hair upwards and repeat the wax application with your wooden spatula.

Tip #1: Apply that wax with firm pressure following the direction of how your brow hair grows and rip off the hardened wax in the opposite direction.

Tip #2: When you remove, make sure you are holding the skin tight and the action is supposed to be one swift, gentle motion that’s close and parallel(not upwards, ouch!) to the skin.

Tip #3: When working with stripless hard wax, it is always recommended to create a “lip”, which is to spread wax thicker at the edge where you’ll be pulling the strip off. That “lip” will be a solid grip point for you to remove wax effortlessly.

Tip #4: Do not panic if the cream wax accidentally gets onto the HAIR you don’t want to be waxed. You’ll need a paper towel to wrap around that area and a hairdryer to heat up the wax. Hold the dryer a few inches away from the paper towel and start blow-drying with low or medium heat. Wax will get melted and be absorbed by the paper towel.


Brush and trim stray brows hairs left behind from waxing




It's normal for a couple of strays to be missed from brow waxing. Just pluck the hair out with a regular tweezer and note: do it one hair at a time as a stray or two is better than overly-plucked brows.

Then, brush your brow hairs in an upward motion. If you see any noticeable scraggly hairs that tend to stick out, take your eyebrow scissors and trim them. Remember, you’ll want to trim each hair at a time following the brow line rather than trimming down into the brow.



Apply an aloe vera gel or only apply lotion/oil/gel specially geared for after wax care to avoid any redness or irritation that sometimes follows a hot wax.

To minimize the risk of breakouts, steer clear of makeup anywhere near your eyes for at least 24 hours. Additionally, since your pores are open due to hair’s pulling out by the root, constant touching of the waxed area is a big NO-NO. You could spread bacteria to the freshly waxed skin and get clogged pores.


Final Thought

Sharp, tailored brows are ready for action!

While waxing your eyebrows, always rememer you are treating one of the most delicate areas of your body. Go for an ultra sensitive wax that’s soothing and hypoallergenic. Do not rush and do it in small sections with precise applicators as you don’t want to take too much off.

As ever, practice makes perfect! If you are looking for more effective, painless waxing tips for self-waxing beginners, join our waxing community-We’re here to help along your personal waxing journey!


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