Lansley all over body wax: the cream hot wax for facial hair removal

The Founder

Mom of two adorable baby girls, Nancy has been embracing most of the incredible moments through her journey of being a girl and a woman whether it is messy or beautiful, terrifying or satisfying, challenging or comforting.

However, waxing is a totally different story.

Waxing shouldn’t be messy. Neither should it be painful.

The top-of-the-line hot wax should be grabbing the shortest, most stubborn hairs while being gentle, soothing and calming on delicate, sensitive skin.

That's where Lansley started.

The Lansley Hard Wax Beads

What it is: "a stripfree, ultra-sensitive body wax for home waxing beginners."

Why you need it:

"I used it on my coarse bikini area and 95% of my coarse hair same out with one rip."

"The creamy wax took off all the hair on my lip(& my facial hairs are VERY fine). I didn’t even have to touch up anything.”

“Definitely less painful than strips I’ve bought like Sally Hansen.”

Lansley underarm aloe wax