As the base ingredients of hard wax are rosins and polymers, Lansley Hard Wax takes its time to perfect its formula by using premium rosin from pine trees and the industry's most flexible polymers(which gives hard wax its characteristic elasticity).

Currently, Lansley has three iconic formulas of hard wax: The aloe vera formula is best for sensitive skin, while the blueberry formula is specially crafted for coarse, thick hair and the jasmine formula is effective on fine, peach hair. All of them can be used for full body waxing.

Enriched with anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe vera, blueberry and jasmine extract, each Lansley formula strives to take utmost care of the skin due to the fact that hair removal (of any kind!) can cause trauma to the skin especially when you pull hair from the very deep root. Plus, skin pre/after wax needs to be taken care of too and this is why Lansley crafts its two treatment bottles with tea tree oil(pre-wax) and olive oil(after-wax) to reduce any inflammation, redness or allergic reaction which may usually occur during any kind of hair removal.